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Posted on Feb 25, 2020

De Mantra

What Happens On Nyepi At De Mantra?

Nyepi is an extremely special time to be on the island for both locals and visitors alike. An important Hindu celebration, the day is reserved for prayer, meditation, and fasting for the Balinese. Tourists are free to do as they wish on this day but must stay indoors and make sure that any lights cannot be seen from the outside. Any curious individuals attempting to explore the empty streets will be swiftly sent back to their homes or hotels by the Pecalang, the traditional village security men.

While being confined inside might seem boring to those who have never experienced Nyepi, the reality is quite different. The clear air and silence from a whole island without traffic is something that must be experienced to be truly appreciated, and most visitors to Bali over Nyepi find the whole experience to be quite memorable and profound.

As night falls, the absence of artificial light means that the universe puts on an impressive display, with millions of stars visible and brighter than most people will have ever seen before.

Stay at De Mantra! follow the activities during the day of silence.
1. See the ogoh-ogoh parade.
2. Yoga, Meditation and healing sessions from Guru Made Sumantra.

This package is only IDR 1,000,000
including staying 2 nights at De Mantra.

Please order phone / whatshap: 082113850694
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